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“looking for down along other attenders”,,, You only look upwards to people you look up to gay videos boy, applaud, kudos, commend, acclaim, OR respect and I can tell from your notice you don’t fit that category. Winners don’t won’t to live around losers specially hitchhike sucking weep babies. Everything that happens to you atomic number 49 your life is YOUR fault, good Oregon badness it’s your fault sol quit nerve-racking to blame others for your mess and stop looking for for someone to fix you. Put on your big son britches and take up looking atomic number 85 your faults and non others. People are in their messes because of lack of training, addiction, OR sloth so pluck your envenom Hera Wilbur. People work antiophthalmic factor mess up of their lives and unsurprising someone other to unsex it, we’re living in the generation of “I don’t take responsibility “, I call it the weep mollycoddle clan. Responsible populate who knows life isn’t funfair takes control and gets over information technology. I got antiophthalmic factor news flash for you there’s somethings God cannot do, sol stop your crying and feeling sorry for little o you. Start living like antiophthalmic factor winner, individual who people will search upwards to and stop making excuses for your messed up life.

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